Excellence Statements

Missionary Excellence

Giving focus to national or social priorities in sync with its larger purpose.

Networking with other organisations and stakeholders for furthering the association’s objectives.

Versatile Excellence

Networking with external stakeholders, developing contacts outside to further the association’s goals.

Necessity for participative, collective decision-making within and especially outside and use of dialogue and persuasion as an influencing tool.

Institutionalised Excellence

Developing strong domain influencing capabilities.

Mission Ethos

To strengthen the infrastructure growth of the country by exploring all possible avenues for collaboration across diversified sectors

To explore new areas of significance for concentrated infrastructural growth.

To be recognised as an expert body by the government in its policy making framework; endeavoring to do this by inclusive and participatory suggestions from industry to the government.

To focus on all aspects of infrastructure development: rural, urban and core infra.

To empower transformation through skill development, job creation, infrastructure financing and access to quality information and through this further the growth of both the infrastructure sector and society.


Stakeholder’s Initiatives